Notational Fluency for Transcription and Dictation.
Internationally celebrated artist-educator Richard Boukas shares his three decades of university teaching and cutting-edge musicianship training in two new exciting courses running ten weeks. Faculty at New School Jazz and Contemporary Music since 1989 and a recipient of the Distinguished University Teaching Award, Richard’s empirically proven methods will empower musicians to aspire to their highest potential by equipping them with essential skills that universally prepare for them for jazz and any other musical style.

The “Notational Fluency for Transcription and Dictation”  course works on developing notational fluency for staple musical elements, dictation of brief diatonic melodic lines, then building to transcription of longer jazz solo excerpts which use a greater degree of chromaticism. Basic theoretical concepts are used to refine notational skills and examine key aspects of the improvised line.

Transcription and Dictation is combined with Eartraining level 2 and will start in the winter.
Ask for more info on dates.

Cost: $295 (20% discount on one of the courses if taken in combination with Dynamic Ear Training for the Contemporary Musician )