Dec.6, 2012 class

Another great class with the cats. We worked on the ride/bass
relationship, explored a couple of originals written by the students
and worked on a tune by Miles Okazaki who will do a Masterclass on
January 31. His piece is based on a Pentagon shape including 5 series
of 3-2 groupings (12 beats each) in three different speeds; triplets,
sixteenth and quintuplets. We took the Indian clapping approach, next
week we should be rolling. We are also working on 3:4 versus 4:3
relationships. I also shared information that I have received from
Wayne Krantz in an hour conversation regarding his approach on
rhythm, harmony and melody. Thank you Wayne for your great insight.
And, the setlist for the gig in smalls on Jan.29 is shaping up. What
a great class and great group of students.

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