“The Poetic Language Of Jazz Improvisation” applicable on all instruments.
This four day intensive workshop will focus primarily on language
skills for improvisation (applicable on all instruments) in the context of
the Bebop and Hardbop tradition with New York Jazz Workshop faculty member  Mark Sherman and on each day a SPECIAL GUEST.

About the Bebop to Hardbop Summer Program

The most common problem that many college students and aspiring professionals have is that they have this eternal question that needs to be clarified.That is “what scales and elements go with which chord changes, and how can I apply them to create good solos”. All scales and many rhythmic/harmonic motives, and elements will be covered. For the drummers material will be brought in that Sherman learned from his studies with the legendary Elvin Jones, to help you swing harder and more in the tradition of JAZZ.

Sherman’s method takes you through learning all your 2-5-1 progressions in all keys using various drills, for voicing and mastery of the chords in all keys. Utilizing major scales and diminished scales Sherman will get a student moving very quickly on his or her quest to master the understanding and performance of chord changes. He will take you through a simple, and methodical way of thinking about harmony and improvisations and his scale drills and chord outline drills combined with his motive development drill will drive your improvising in forward motion.

The simplicity of Sherman’s way of thinking of the language allows a student to learn it quickly and begin soloing right away which turns learning into fun as well as boosts the players confidence on their instrument of choice. Within the 4 days you will learn, play, learn to communicate with each other better and improve your general language skills for improvisation…

Dates: Aug 6 – 7 – 8 – 9

-At least 18 years of age
-A willingness to learn
-Instructors may ask for a recorded sample before admission
-Some of our intensives are better suited to intermediate and advanced musicians with a minimum of a few years on their instrument; other summer intensives, such as the beginner vocal and choir, are open to everyone. More details can be discussed during registration.

Mark Sherman:
Mark Sherman (vibes and piano) has performed globally for the last eight years as a leader, with six tours to Europe and throughout Russia, China, Korea, The Philippines, Australia, the United States, and Canada. Sherman brings a deeply rooted post bop approach to a program of originals and standards that convincingly carry on the art form with a potent level of invigorating musicianship. His music is relentlessly energetic, hard charging, and brimming with incredible improvisations from his refined skills, and deep commitment to the art form itself. Mark has conducted master classes in over 15 different countries with the sponsorship of Yamaha Corporation, and The Pro Mark Corporation. He is currently on the faculty of The Juilliard School, and New Jersey City University. Recently selected as a Jazz Ambassador for the United States State Department, and Jazz At Lincoln Center, he toured Russia, and Asia for over 30 Master classes and performances. In addition Sherman is on over 150 CD recordings as a sideman, and has recorded 15 as a leader.

Tuition and Registration

for registrations received after May 1st

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General Information

For more info regarding our summer program, housing, travel, and more, visit our Summer Workshop General Information page. For a more in-depth experience, inquire about adding a private lesson with someone from the NYJW Faculty during your visit. Learn more about how you can combine Summer Intensives to create a customized Summer Jazz Packages. Feel free to reach out via email at [email protected] with any additional questions.

What to expect:
When you join us for one or more of our intensives, you can expect to become a member of our tightly knit community. There will be musicians from all over the world looking to learn, explore and make connections. You will be making connections that last a lifetime. A typical day will be as follows:

11:00am – 1:00pm: Morning Sessions
1:00pm – 2:00pm Lunch Break
2:00pm – 5:00pm: Afternoon Sessions
Evenings: Free

Student will normally organize small groups or go check out some concerts. See “Fun Evening Activities” in the General Information page for more details. There will be opportunities for every student to perform outside of the school, more details coming up soon.