Internationally celebrated artist-educator Richard Boukas shares his three decades of university teaching and cutting-edge musicianship training in two new exciting trimester courses (ten weeks). Faculty at New School Jazz and Contemporary Music since 1989 and a recipient of the Distinguished University Teaching Award, Richard’s empirically proven methods will empower musicians to aspire to their highest potential by equipping them with essential skills that universally prepare for them for jazz and any other musical style.

Saturday, 10am-12pm (5 two hour sessions)
Designed to continue from Level One fall trimester, this course develops our musical perception skills to function at the same level as our instrumental and vocal abilities, thereby achieving a more balanced, dynamic musicianship. Staple musical elements include: melodic minor modes, altered triads, seventh arpeggios and chords in all inversions (five basic types and altered types), chord progressions derived from actual pieces (using root position and inverted harmonies), tritone substitutions, voiceleading principles for two-voice shell and seventh voicings. Course materials include intensive practice routines with companion audio files and select listening excerpts. Constructive Listening skills are cultivated to selectively focus on specific instruments and their role in jazz, classical, Brazilian and Pop music recordings. The voice is used intensively for practicing routines, single lines and group harmonies. Sightsinging of jazz, classical and Brazilian melodies is integrated to develop vocal agility and offer contextual illustrations of staple musical elements.

In addition to continuing students, new students with a solid foundation in Level One materials (see course description) are also encouraged to enroll.

Class Dates:
Spring Trimester : 2019: March 2, 9, 16, 30, April 6

Cost: $295


Level 2


Active listening and ear training– two essential skills that every musician wants but that we rarely make consistent time for. Richard Boukas’s ear training and transcription classes provided a fun, highly educational and motivating way to gain proficiency in these areas. Richard’s musical knowledge is both broad and deep, and he effortlessly and clearly conveys his subject matter as well as his enormous passion for music and for teaching. Hear more, play better. Highly recommended. -Emily Tabin

I enrolled in Richard’s back to back Ear Training and Transcription courses. Taken together, I developed a deeper connection between listening, transcribing, playing an instrument and singing. He emphasized that a musician needs a variety of developed skills and approaches to function and create in a real musical context. Richard’s highly organized and progressive lesson plans made Ear Training a fun and approachable discipline. Each well-balanced class had a clear mission- sharing practical methods for practicing and applying the material. I’m so grateful to have encountered his passion and knowledge. His courses improved my hearing, playing, vocal intonation, and enjoyment of music and life. -Aldo Ryzy-Ryzki