Welcome to the New York Jazz Workshop 12th Jazz Music Summer Intensive.
From June until the end of August a plethora of music classes and workshops for all vocalists and instrumentalists.


Since 2008 the New York Jazz Workshop has been providing excellence in music education. If you are a musician and/or a singer looking to improve your musicianship, you are in the right place. The New York Jazz Workshop’s 12th Jazz Music Intensive Summer series is going to be an incredible experience for both participants and teachers alike. Our program has been built on the wealth of knowledge that we have accumulated during our first years and it based on the expertise and vibrant personalities of our incredible team.

Our jazz summer intensive faculty  includes musicians that are not only amazing educators but caring and sharing human beings. In 2020 we are featuring   Kenny Wessel, Marc Mommaas, Mark Sherman, Tony Moreno, Darrell Green, Fay Victor, Olivia Foschi, Jocelyn Medina, Loire Cotler, Amina Figarova, Frank Kimbrough, Doug Beavers, Darius Jones, Sebastian Noelle, Nate Radley, Jacob Sacks, Vitor Goncalvez, Vanderlei Pereira, and more is in the works.

This year we are offering 4-day and 3-day intensives in NYC and one 6 day intensive in Italy, on different topics, some are instrument specific, some are for all instruments, and others are for vocalists. All the intensives listed below are for adults (17 to 115 y.o)

KIDS: for information about our children jazz music camps for pre-teens jazz music summer camp and teens jazz summer camp please click Kids Jazz Music Programs

For the third time in addition to 11 adult and 4 Teens Jazz Summer programs in New York City we are also offering a jazz improvisation intensive in ITALY. Each summer intensive can be taken alone or in combination with other intensives and private lessons. With prices ranging from $345 to $900 we have something for everyone.

Summer Series 2020 Faculty Duration Regular Rate Early Bird (registration by April 30th) 
 June 7 to June 13 – Improvisation workshop in Italy  Marc Mommaas, Kenny Wessel, Jeroen Vierdag and Fay Victor 6 Days  $900  –
July 23-26: Jazz Improvisation Marc Mommaas, Frank Kimbrough, Tony Moreno, Darrel Green 4 Days $685 $635
July 27-29 Brazilian workshop  Vitor Gonçalves & Vanderlei Pereira 3 Days $545 $495
July 30-Aug 2: Jazz Guitar Kenny Wessel & TBD 4 Days $685 $635
Aug 3-4: Country – Jazz – Blues Guitar Intensive Nate Radley 2 Days $385 $345
August 6-9: Bebop to Harbop Improv intensive Mark Sherman with Daily Guest 3 Days $545 $495
Aug 10-12: Piano/Keyboards Intensive Amina Figarova, Frank Kimbrough, Jacob Sacks 3 Days $545 $495
August 13-16: Vocal for Beginners – Intermediate Olivia Foschi, Guest Loire Cotler (Konnakol) 4 Days $685 $635
August 17-19: Vocal – Intermediate/advanced Jocelyn Medina with guest Vitor Goncalves (Brazilian) 3 Days $545 $495
August 20 – 23: Vocal – Intermediate/Advanced Michelle Walker, Guest TBA 4 Days $685 $635
August 24-27: Jazz Improv Intensive Darius Jones & Vito Lesczak 4 Days $685 $635
August 28: DAVID LIEBMAN saxophone masterclass NEA Master David Liebman Saxophone Masterclass 1 Day $189 $175
August 29-30: Composition – Beginners/Intermediate Marc Mommaas and Doug Beavers 2 Days $385 $345


Ask about our special package discounts—Participants enrolling in multiple summer intensives will receive a 20% discount on each additional workshop of equal or lesser value.

What To Expect

When you join us for one or more of our intensives, you can expect to become a member of our tightly knit community, there will be musicians from all over the world looking to learn, explore and make connections. You will be making connections that last a lifetime. For the specific of each Intensive see the respective detailed description. A typical day will be as follows:

11:00am – 1:00pm: Morning Sessions
1:00pm – 2:00pm:  Lunch Break
2:00pm – 5:00pm: Afternoon Sessions
Evening: Free

Student will normally organize small groups or go check out some concerts. See “Fun Evening Activities” at the bottom of this page for more details. There will be opportunities for every student to sing or play outside of the school, more details coming up soon.

Where is The New York Jazz Workshop?

The New York Jazz Workshop Summer Series is held in our space in midtown Manhattan, just a few blocks from Times Square.

New York Jazz Workshop
265 West 37th Street
on the 10th floor, Suite #1004
New York, NY 10018
(On the corner of 37th St and 8th Ave)

Who Is It For?

The New York Jazz Workshop Summer Intensive Series is for musicians, 17 and up, who have a desire to improve and learn.. Some of our intensives are better suited to intermediate and advanced musicians with a minimum of a few years on their instrument; other summer intensives, such as the beginner vocal and choir, are open to everyone. More details can be found on the respective summer intensive pages.



2 Day intensive, starting at $320
3 Day intensive, starting at $495
4 Day intensive, starting at $635

Early bird registration: take advantage of a discounted fee when registering before April 30, 2019.
We also offer discounts on ADDITIONAL intensive registrations. Please contact us for more information.

For more information about tuition, see each individual workshop page as well as the “Summer Packages” section of our site.

How to Apply

Please fill out a registration form and we will get back to you with more details. Upon acceptance, you will be required to send a down-payment of $100 for each summer intensive that you have reserved. You can also pay in full if that is your preference.

Application deadline:
The number of participants is limited which guarantees a highly personal and enriching experience, so to maximize your chances of being accepted you should apply early. Applying early also gives you access to “early bird rates”.

Travel, Accommodations, and New York City!

Getting to New York:
If you are flying to New York, check out Google Flights or Orbitz to find a convenient fare. Book well in advance to find the best rates. Grayhound and other bus companies are also an option if you are coming from the continental United States.

Times Square and its surrounding area is a major hub for tourism, creating a huge variety of hotels and hostels to choose from. Sites like expedia.com, kayak.com, and booking.com, will help you navigate these options based on affordability and location. Many of our students use  airbnb.com, a convenient way to rent out rooms or entire apartments in the city.  Given how well Times Square is connected to the rest of the city, you don’t need to book your accommodation right near the school. As long as you select an accommodation near a subway station you will be in good shape.If you are having trouble or need help finding a suitable accommodation, let us know and we will try to help you.

Is New York City safe? The answer is a resonant yes! According to recent FBI data, New York City is the safest big city in the U.S. and one of the safest in the world, ranking better than San Francisco, Montreal, Barcelona, London and Frankfurt.
As always when traveling to big cities, use your common sense, keep your valuables out of sight and be aware of your surroundings.

Transportation in New York City is great and the MTA runs 24 hours a day. NYJW classes are held near Times Square, which is easily accessible by many subway and bus lines. Apps such as City Mapper, Embark NYC, and Google Maps are incredibly useful for finding the best routes around the city. MTA cards can be purchased at all subway stations and you can opt to pay-as-you-go or buy a 7-day unlimited pass which is probably your best option. You can find more information on NYC’s subways and buses at http://web.mta.info
Taxis, Uber, and other car services are also available, but they are pricier and subject to unpredictable traffic jams.

Fun evening activities:
Your evenings are free, but you are encouraged to go connect with your new friends from class and go check out the amazing local jazz scene. Remember, Manhattan has one of the biggest and musically diverse jazz scenes in the world, and every night is like a jazz festival full of concerts and jam sessions. Students and faculty members of the New York Jazz Workshop play daily in several venues and hotels around the city, suggestions will be provided during the class, but you can already check out the following free publications which will give you the most complete overview of what is happening in town: