Billing Questions

Workshop Rates and Policies Overview

The New York Jazz Workshop offers a diverse range of music workshops, including weekly instrumental and vocal workshops, summer intensives, and private lessons. Each category follows specific policies and rates, outlined below.

Enrolment OptionsTwo Hour Workshop1 Hour Workshop
Audit / Trial Class$25$25
Single Session$75$45
4 classes in a row$255$135
Fall Semester$829$439
Winter Semester 2024$638$236
Spring Semester 2024 (4/1 to 6/30)$701$338
Summer Semester ( 7/1 to 8/31)$446$236
Fall + Winter (includes an additional 3% discount)$1422$655
Fall + Winter + Spring (includes an additional 5% discount)$2059$962
Winter + Spring (includes an additional 3% discount)$1299$557
Winter + Spring + Summer (includes an additional 5% discount)$1696$790
Spring + Summer (includes an additional 3% discount)$1112$556
Entire Year (includes an additional 7% discount)$2431$1161

Weekly Instrumental Workshops

  • Duration and Frequency: 2 hours per session, held weekly.
  • Billing Cycles: Options include every 4 weeks, trimester, or annually.
  • Cost: $255 for four 2-hour sessions, plus a one-time membership fee of $45.

Let’s Sing Workshops

  • Duration and Frequency: 1 hour per session, held weekly.
  • Billing Cycles: Trimester or every 4 weeks.
  • Cost: $135 for four 1-hour sessions, plus a membership fee of $45.

Enrollment Options 

Semester Enrollment: Access to each session of the selected weekly workshop throughout the semester or year, offering the best value.
Four-Week Enrollment: Access to four consecutive sessions of the workshop.
Single Sessions: Available on a case-by-case basis, subject to availability. Single session payments do not reserve future class spots.


  • A 25% discount on each additional workshop for students enrolled in multiple workshops.
  • Participants aged 26 and under receive a 25% discount on all weekly workshops, with proof of age required.
  • Discounts are not cumulative.

Registration Process

To participate in any class or workshop, completing the online registration form on our website is mandatory but does not commit you to enrollment.


After submitting your registration form, a representative from the workshop will reach out to you. If there is available space, you will be offered the opportunity to audit a session of the workshop for a nominal fee of $25. This allows you to experience the workshop firsthand and determine if it meets your expectations. If you decide that the workshop is a good fit for you, we will issue an invoice for the enrollment period you prefer.

Payment Policy

  • Payments are due at least one week before the start of each billing cycle.
  • Preferred payment method is electronic, via the link provided in your invoice.
  • If paying by check, please send it to the New York Jazz Workshop’s mailing address below at least 10 days before your class begins.

New York Jazz Workshop, Inc
676 Riverside Drive # 4A
New York, NY, 10031


Absences & Refund Policy

Due to our fixed rental and teacher costs, as well as what’s best for academic results, make-up sessions are not available. Think of it like a gym subscription. When you pay your spot in a particular ensemble, it is held for you during that period. If you take breaks in between billing cycles, your spot will be made available to other students. We have long waiting lists for some of the classes.

Refunds: For our weekly workshops and private lessons, we offer the ability to try a class to see if it is a good fit, once you opt for a plan (4 weeks, or semester) there are no refunds for unused classes. In special circumstances, upon request, the school may offer a credit towards another course or service.

Summer Intensive Workshops

The summer intensive workshops are intensive courses held during four or five consecutive days in the summer. Students are required to fill out the registration form and reserve their participation well ahead of time. In most cases, an audition tape is required.

  • Discount: We offer a $50 discount for students taking two or more summer workshops in the same year.
  • Refunds: Summer Intensives fees are not refundable. The school at their own discretion may offer a credit to a future class or workshop.

International Workshops (Italy, Brazil, Etc)

For International workshop withdrawals and cancellations, the following penalties apply:

  • 120 Days or More Before Start Date: Refund minus an administrative fee of $250.
  • Between 119 and 30 Days Before Start Date: A penalty of 25% of the total amount due.
  • Within 29 Days of Start Date: A penalty of 50% of the total amount due.

We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to avoid losses should you cancel your trip due to sickness or other emergencies.

Private Lessons

There are a wide range of private lessons rates, changing widely depending on the teacher of choice and the location of the lesson. For detailed information, please see the private lessons section.

Reservations and Cancellations Policy

  • Booking and Payment:
    • Advance Booking: Required at least one week in advance to ensure scheduling and preparation.
    • Trial Lesson Payment: Must be completed no later than 48 hours prior to the lesson.
  • Continuing Your Studies:
    • Purchasing Lesson Packages: Contact the school before your last lesson in the current package for uninterrupted continuation.
  • Cancellation and Rescheduling:
    • Responsibility for No-shows: Financial responsibility for missed lessons without proper notice.
    • Cancellation Notice: Must be provided to both the teacher and the school no later than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time.