Weekly Workshops – Online

Weekly online jazz workshops are ongoing classes for adult students (17 and up) organized by level and musical style. They can be joined at any time according to availability. All classes have a hands-on approach, and every week students will learn important musical techniques in an ensemble setting. Maximum 7 students per class. The classes are currently offered online do to COVID19. When the phisical location of the school will reopen classes will be offered both onsite and online and students will be able to perform recitals in jazz venues around NYC. The workshops are listed by the day of the week. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us.

Jazz Improvisation Workshop
The Poetic Language of Jazz Improvisation – Online! MONDAYS 8:30pm
Jazz is a musical language whose mastery is a life-long pursuit of both the truth of the music and the career that enables that journey. The Poetic Language of Jazz Improvisation Workshop focuses on this most fascinating art form, with advice both on how to continue your journey down that road towards a mastery of it, and how to make the right choices to perform and grow as a musician. 
Modern Jazz Ensemble Workshop
Modern Jazz Ensemble – Online! TUESDAYS 5pm
With Sebastian Noelle: The Modern Jazz Ensemble class offers the opportunity to study the styles of jazz between the 1960s and the present, and incorporate them into one’s own playing. The Modern Jazz Ensemble class will focus on seminal instrumentalists and composers from this period, such as Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Pat Metheny, Joe Henderson, Ornette Coleman, Keith Jarrett and Steve Swallow, among others. All of these players have a strong background in bebop but […]
Jazz Improvisation and Theory Workshop
Jazz Improvisation and Theory 2 – Online! TUESDAYS 7pm
With MARC MOMMAAS: Without the ability to put words together a language cannot be spoken. In the Jazz Improvisation and Theory workshop we provide students with the vocabulary and understanding of jazz music theory that is needed to begin improvising with conviction and musicianship. Students will gain valuable experience playing with other musicians of similar levels every week. Together they will explore different harmonic, melodic and rhythmic elements through the use of exercises, group improvisation, […]
Funk Fusion Workshop
Funk Fusion Workshop – Online WEDNESDAYS 8:30pm
This workshop is tailored for musicians who want to explore and embrace the repertoire of the many great Funk-Fusion bands that further enriched the history of jazz in the 1970’s and 80’s. Garnering inspiration and guidance from the music of Weather Report, Headhunters, Chick Corea Elektric Band, Brecker Brothers and many more, students learn the musical elements that made these bands so successful.
Lets Sing with Olivia Foschi
Let’s Sing with Olivia Foschi – Online! THURSDAYS 6pm
With OLIVIA FOSCHI: Olivia Foschi’s vocal workshop is open to beginner and intermediate students looking to develop vocal technique while tapping into the language of jazz. Whether you are an aspiring singer or an instrumentalist who would like to do more singing, if you are looking for singing classes in New York City, this workshop will give you the ability to learn the foundations necessary to develop your singing voice, learn a vast selection of […]
Jazz Vocal Workshop
Jazz Vocal Workshop – Online! THURSDAYS 8pm
Jazz Vocal Workshop with Michelle Walker This is a Jazz Vocal Workshop for intermediate to advanced singers who would like to improve their vocal skills with a true professional. Participants will have the opportunity to work with a jazz rhythm section every other week—learning how to direct, interact, and groove with an instrumental ensemble! The workshop is led by Michelle Walker. Based in New York City, Michelle Walker is a versatile singer blessed with a […]
Jazz Improvisation 1B
Blues and Beyond – Online! THURSDAYS 6pm
With DAVE SCOTT: Blues and Beyond from the blues form to jazz standards. Meet, play and learn with other enthusiastic musicians. This class introduces students to the world of improvisation through interplay in an ensemble setting (max class size 7 students). Participants should be comfortable playing their instrument or singing, the ability to read music is recommended but not required. The only other requirement for this blues class is that you come eager to learn […]
Jazz Standards Workshop – Online! SATURDAYS 2-4pm and 4-6pm
With KENNY WESSEL: If you are looking to expand your jazz repertoire and grow as a musician, this is the workshop for you. The Jazz Standards workshop is a great place for musicians to learn the language of jazz in an ensemble setting. This class will focus on the blues form and the AABA form, through the exploration of compositions by Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus and many other influential musicians. With an emphasis […]
NYJW Big Band SUNDAYS 11:15pm
About: The New York Jazz Workshop is excited to announce its new New York Jazz Workshop Big Band under the direction of Ron Horton. As an arranger, Ron has worked with such jazz artists as Andrew Hill, groups such as the Jazz Composers Collective and co-leads a tentet with drummer Tim Horner. He will expose the players in this ensemble to some of the many different styles that big bands have covered over many decades, […]