“An affordable online course with participation flexibility”

Three Trimesters: February – May   |   June – Aug   |   Sept – Dec
Saturday, 10am-11am, ONLINE only.
Teacher: Marc Mommaas
Materials accompanied by Auralia assignments
(discounted software registration through NYJW)
All sessions are recorded (to revisit materials and following classes at your own time if you can’t make Saturday mornings.)

This online course is designed to develop our musical perception skills to function at the same level as our instrumental and vocal abilities, thereby achieving a more balanced, dynamic musicianship. Staple musical elements include: melodic and harmonic intervals, modes and scales, triad and seventh arpeggios and chords, chord progressions and core voice leading principles. The curriculum will be a mix of formal and informal creative ear training techniques taught in Classical and Jazz Universities and Conservatories. It includes a comprehensive step by step outline supported with handouts and audio examples.

Above all, it will be enriching and a lot of fun. Connecting to sound away from your instrument is a fantastic vehicle toward developing and opening up your personal sound. Taking away the limitations you might feel on your instrument enables your ears to open up and purely focus on identification of sound. Ear training never stops.  We strive to hear chord changes with more transparency enabling us to react faster in our story line development, and we always search for opportunity’s to refine our sound pallet with more shades and nuances.

Optional to this course is the addition of Auralia, an online ear training curriculum platform that is high end and which you can use as a member for a full year. Exercises will be made available on that platform which enables the student to work at home with a structured plan and specific goals in mind.

Level is not important. You will get exposed to all the ins and outs step by step in a nurturing environment.

Spring: February through May: 15 sessions: $375
First session February 6, 2021: level 2 (includes theory)
Summer: June through Aug: 15 sessions: $375
First session June 5: level 3 – (includes analysis)
Fall: October through January: 15 session: $375
First session October 2, 2020: level 1 (from intervals to 7th chords – from the ground up)

Sessions are recorded and accessible for enrolled students only, so you will not miss a beat! Membership AURALIA through our school: $35 for a full year membership.

This program can be combined with the Theory course which is held on Saturdays, 11am to 12am. The second course will be offered at a 10% discount.