The New York Jazz Workshop Vocal Studio is tailored for singers, vocalists, and those aspiring to improve their singing abilities. Our program offers a range of courses, workshops, and intensives, all catered to the unique needs of vocalists.

Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced singer, our skilled instructors are ready to provide personalized private lessons and engaging group classes. Our goal is to create a nurturing space where you can explore vocal techniques, enhance your skills, and embrace the nuances of jazz and vocal performance.

In addition to vocal training, we also offer support from pianists for rehearsals, recordings, or live performances, as well as expert producers to refine your sound and help with phrasing. Feel free to reach out to us and discover your true vocal potential, immersing yourself in the richness of jazz—from classic American songs to scat, vocalese, Indian konnokol, Brazilian bossa nova, and even modern genres like pop and hip-hop. Plus, our in-person classes provide opportunities to showcase your talent in jazz clubs and venues across the city.