Join saxophonist Marc Mommaas for for an immersive  two-hour jazz improvisation workshop, a unique journey into the heart of jazz ensemble and improvisational skills. This workshop, designed for intermediate to advanced players, is part of an ongoing, dynamic series that provides musicians with a comprehensive pathway to deepen their understanding and expertise in jazz improvisation.

Set in the vibrant atmosphere of the New York Jazz Workshop, located at 265 West 37th Street, Suite #1004, New York, NY, on the corner of 37th St and 8th Ave, this workshop convenes every Saturday at 12:00 pm. Here, participants are invited into a hands-on music-making experience where they will explore the intricacies of jazz, from rhythm and melodic development to advanced improvisation techniques. Jazz Improv 3 is a testament to the workshop’s commitment to long-term growth, with many attendees nurturing their skills over several years.

Marc Mommaas, a seasoned jazz educator and performer, fosters a welcoming and supportive environment that encourages musicians to experiment, learn, and grow. This non-judgmental setting is ideal for those ready to challenge themselves and engage deeply with the material. Despite the initial difficulties newcomers may face, consistent participation promises significant improvement and a profound understanding of jazz improvisation.

Marc Mommaas

When: Every Tuesday  7:00pm
Fee: $275 per 4 consecutive sessions, plus a one time $45.00 registration fee.
Discounts: 25% off for students under 26
Trimester option: click here for to learn more about trimester and yearly enrollment for additional savings!

Location: New York Jazz Workshop
265 West 37th Street
on the 10th floor, Suite #1004
New York, NY 10018
(On the corner of 37th St and 8th Ave)

Discounts and Special Scholarship Opportunities for Students 26 and Younger
For students regularly enrolled in multiple workshops, we offer a 25% discount on each workshop after the first. If you are a student between 17 and 26 years old, you qualify to a 25% discount on any of our workshops. Please `contact us for more information.