Blues In Brooklyn
Blues in Brooklyn from the blues form to jazz standards.
Meet, play and learn to play the blues in 12 keys and other jazz standards with other enthusiastic musicians. This class introduces students to the world of blues and jazz improvisation through interplay in an ensemble setting (max class size 7 students).
Participants should be comfortable playing their instrument or singing, the ability to read music is recommended but not required. The only other requirement for this blues class is that you come eager to learn and to grow as a musician. Sign up for a trial class today.
Beginner to Intermediate level.

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When: Thursdays 6-8pm
Fee: $255 per 4 consecutive sessions, plus a one time $45.00 registration fee.
Discounts: 25% off for students under 26
Trimester option: click here for to learn more about trimester and yearly enrollment for additional savings!

11 Marlborough Road
Brooklyn, NY 11226
(Prospect Park South)

Discounts and Special Scholarship Opportunities for Students 26 and Younger
For students regularly enrolled in multiple workshops, we offer a 25% discount on each workshop after the first. If you are a student between 17 and 26 years old, you could qualify to a 30% discount on any of our workshops. Please contact us for more information.