Without the ability to put words together a language cannot be spoken. In the Jazz Improvisation and Theory workshop we provide students with the vocabulary and understanding of jazz music theory that is needed to begin improvising with conviction and musicianship. Students will gain valuable experience playing with other musicians of similar levels every week. Together they will explore different harmonic, melodic and rhythmic elements through the use of exercises, group improvisation, and standard melodies and progressions. The Jazz Improvisation and Theory class will cover the basic ii-V-I progression, as well as alternate progressions in major and minor keys, the standard blues progression, and “rhythm changes.” To help students apply their knowledge of these progressions, they will play tunes such as “Dexterity,” “Blues on the Corner,” “Autumn Leaves,” and “Minority,” to name a few. Students will leave the Jazz Improvisation and Theory class with a stronger understanding of the jazz language and therefore with more confidence as they participate in musical conversations.

This workshop has been in rotation for quite a few years and it developed into a wonderful ensemble
including a variety of instrumentation and a full rhythm section. The students work together as a team and they have become a musical family. The compositions that we play are arranged for the specific instrumentation of the group.
Intermediate/Advanced level.

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Every Tuesday at 7pm (2 hours)

Date: Ongoing
Fee: $255 per 4 sessions, plus a one time $45.00 registration fee.
Trimester pay option: click here for to learn more about trimester and yearly enrollment for additional savings!
Faculty: Marc Mommaas

Location: New York Jazz Workshop
265 West 37th Street
on the 10th floor, Suite #1004
New York, NY 10018
(On the corner of 37th St and 8th Ave)

Discounts and Special Scholarship Opportunities for Students 26 and Younger
For students regularly enrolled in multiple workshops, we offer a 25% discount on each workshop after the first. If you are a student between 17 and 26 years old, you could qualify to a 30% discount on any of our workshops. Please contact us for more information.

Improvisation New York Jazz Workshop, by M.Mommaas

Watch the Improv/Theory 2 Workshop perform “One by One” at Smalls Jazz Club on June 14, 2015