New York Jazz Workshop goes to Brazil

We had a fantastic time in Brazil. It was a first for the New York Jazz Workshop to hold a […]

How Arab Funk is Going Global

In Milan’s nightclub “The Tunnel”, the sound of Egyptian legend Umm Kulthum’s song Alf LeilaWleila is reverberating around an atmosphere […]

Could drill music and jazz coexist?

The Covid-19 pandemic was a watershed for many aspects of our society. Even in music, the pandemic has represented a […]

The New Soundcore Motion Boom Plus

I often receive requests to post links to products and articles and normally turn those down, but last week I […]

Music For Black Pigeons

Filmed over the course of 14 years in various locations such as North America, Europe, and Japan, Black Pigeons captures intimate, improvised moments between pioneers of experimental music at recording spaces in New York, Copenhagen, and Lugano.

Jazz and Latin Music

The rhythmic traditions brought to the Americas by the African diaspora have had an immeasurable impact on the music of […]

Why Should You Own Your Own Music As A Musician?

As a musician you have practiced your craft through courses, workshops and intensives at New York Jazz Workshop. As you […]

Can swing be quantified scientifically?

As a musician studying the Black American Music art form jazz, you may be wondering much about the word swing. […]

Be Blown Away by a classic jazz recording: Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers “A Night In Tunisia”

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Demystifying the building blocks of jazz: The Blues and basic song form with Horace Silver’s “Senor Blues”

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Learn the Tools Like a Pro with Terry Dame

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Be taken with the fine art of ensemble playing and improvisation with Marc Mommaas

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