Connie Han In Conversation with CJ Shearn

Welcome to the latest edition of the New York Jazz Workshop Podcast, I’m CJ Shearn. Over the years on this podcast I’ve been fortunate to interview some of the up and coming talents on the jazz scene such as vocalist […]

What are the connections between jazz and hip hop?

Jazz and hip hop are two of America’s native art forms.  Both have had immeasurable impact on the cultural fabric of American society and life expressing the plight of African Americans.  While jazz came from the combination of African, Latin […]

Where jazz is now in the present era?

jazztodaypodcast Welcome to the latest edition of the New York Jazz Workshop podcast, I’m your host CJ Shearn. Today’s topic: where jazz is now in the present era? There are a lot of different opinions on where jazz is now, […]

Is jazz dance able?

Is jazz dance able?  That might be a question on the minds of those who may just have gotten into the music.  The short answer is yes.  There is a common narrative that once jazz ceased to be a popular […]

Were Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart jazz musicians?

Were Beethoven, Bach and Mozart jazz musicians?  That seems like a loaded and frankly ridiculous question to ask.  The answer is quite obviously no, but jazz has been so influenced by classical composers because it is directly in the DNA  […]

Jazz career opportunities for students with a degree

New York Jazz Workshop®️

Jazz career opportunities for students with  degrees are exciting.  Every year students  spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on jazz education.  They spend countless hours in the practice room, in a structured classroom environment, playing in small group combos, big […]

A Bridge To The Present: A Conversation with Lenny White

  Lenny White (b. December 19, 1949, Jamaica Queens, NY) is simply living history.  The drummer has played and collaborated with a who’s who in music including Jackie McLean, Miles Davis, Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea,Tom Browne, Gato Barbieri, Marcus Miller, […]

A Conversation with Vanderlei Pereira

Want to know about Brazilian jazz? New York Jazz Workshop faculty member Vanderlei Pereira is a mestre (Portuguese for master). The drummer has been an incredibly important part of the Brazilian, and New York music scenes for decades. Born in […]

Who are some women in jazz?

On this episode of the New York Jazz Workshop Podcast  the topic is women in jazz.  Who are some women in jazz?  Today more than ever, women in jazz have integrated into the traditionally male dominated form on equal footing […]

Jazz as a medium for social and political change

Jazz has been a catalyst for political and social change throughout it’s entire history. The music of John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Max Roach, Sonny Rollins, Thelonious Monk, Louis Armstrong, Charles Mingus, Darius Jones, Tia Fuller, Jazzmeia Horn, and […]