Dec. 13 workshop.

Another great class. We worked on 4:3, and payed special attention to always feeling the sixteenth as an undercurrent. From there we moved on to a metric modulation exercise, quarter note triplets equals quarter notes and back, dotted quarternotes equals quarter notes. Clement brought in a tune with this rhytmic principle, a nice challenge to bite our teeth into. Then we tackled 2 and 3 note groupings in compound meter using the pentagon shape as a grid. Main focus here was feeling the triplets at all times. After this we loosened up with an original composition of mine, ASAP in medium tempo, working on execution of the melody and getting deeper in the pocket on an eight note level. A very productive two hours. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention this, I started the session with an essay I wrote for brilliant corners, a great seasonal magazine dedicated to Art, Jazz an Literature. The topic was Art and Jazz. Check out this magazine and support it if you can.

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