Divinity Roxx in Conversation with CJ Shearn

For this edition of the podcast I bring you a discussion with bassist, songwriter and emcee Divinity Roxx. She has played in Beyonce’s band in the past decade as well as toured with Victor Wooten, and her music is an effervescent blend of funk, rock, hip hop and jazz. This past April she released her album ImPossible (Self produced, 2016) a wordplay on I’m possible, to critical and fan acclaim buoyed by the powerful single “We Are” and this coming Sunday February 19th will be offering a workshop at New York Jazz Workshop about playing bass, rapping, singing, and strategies at getting your music out there as an independent artist. Divinity Roxx is incredibly charismatic, and in our talk we discuss her career, her album, and the impact hip hop has had on her as well as that form’s innovations on jazz today. Special thanks to Jessica Sternick for coordinating this interview.

For the New York Jazz Workshop podcast, I’m CJ Shearn. Peace, love, groove and keep swinging everybody. This podcast was recorded, edited and produced for the New York Jazz Workshop, A Wheelchair Jazz Man Production.