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Teaching Topics/Philosophy:

Our lessons cover 4 main topics for all levels and all ages 7 & older and a wide variety of styles, not Jazz specific.

Rudiments & Fundamental TechniqueDrum Set, like all instruments have basics to learn, in order to understand and grow to playing songs or developing your own ideas on the drum set. 

ListeningMusic is listening and all great musicians have gained inspiration from the players that came before them, as well as after, so listening is studying and a very important practice in our lessons. We will study the greats of any genre, Max Roach, Philly Joe, Tony Williams, Mitch Mitchell, Questlove to list only a few.

Practice RoutineLessons will cover diligent practice routines that work with your schedule & ways to improve each week. Consistency is always encouraged in ways that are not overwhelming.

ImprovisationFor Intermediate and above drummers, we will combine all of our lesson topics to fulfill your own language on the drumset. Fluidity, phrasing, form, dynamics & developing ‘big ears.’


Versatile drummer, songwriter, and educator, Jackson Hillmer, hails from the San Francisco Bay Area, where his passion for music took root. Beginning with trumpet, he swiftly added tuba and drum set to his repertoire, performing with the Redwood High School jazz and symphonic band. Under the tutelage of notable mentors like John Mattern and Alan Hall, he started gigging around the Bay at local festivals and opening for other larger bands.

Upon graduating with a Bachelors of Music from University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music, he received the Nelson Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Jazz Studies & Commercial Music, mentored by luminaries like Mike Marlier & Eric Gunnison. His musical journey led him abroad to Ghana, where he collaborated with esteemed musicians like Johnson Kemeh, Aaron Bebe Sukura & Kyekyeku. After touring Colorado’s vibrant music scene & beyond, he’s found his home in New York City. Here, he continues to tour with Mama Magnolia, perform in NYC, compose, teach, and refine his craft under the mentorship of Jeremy Carlstedt.

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