Sunhyun Yoo

Alto Saxophone

Teaching Topics and Philosophy

Teaching Topics:
Basic Training – Working on embouchure, breathe controlling and tone, fingerings and healthy posture, tonguing and articulation are the key to long term goal. By covering these elements will help students to play with a good sound and a better intonation.

Applying Music Theory – Learning music theory is one of the most critical subjects for anyone to become a better musician. Intervals, triads, major and minor modes, penta tonic, and furthermore developing bebop language are few topics we’ll be dealing with. You will learn how to apply it in the music by improvising and composing our own melody.

Rhythm – What makes music play at its highest level is a good rhythm. We’ll find a fun way to internalize the different grooves and rhythmic feel by playing many song melodies, hard listening to the records, and transcribing the music that we like.

Improvisation – I believe that anyone can improvise. The key is not to be afraid of sounding bad and just letting it happen. We’ll start off by phrasing a simple melody and developing a motif. Also improvising in freer form will let our minds to open up and bring us to deeper place. 

Teaching Philosophy:
Everyone has different taste in music as we all have our own unique aspect and experience in life. That means everyone has different starting point and different goals. I believe that constructing the right practice routine and keep going on consistently is the key to achieve your goals in music. By supplementing the weakness and highlighting the advantage I will help my students to develop his or her own style of playing. And when the practice finally blends with your soul, your confidence will naturally lead you to become a better player. And more importantly we will have fun playing music.

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