RareNoise Records Co Founder Giacomo Bruzzo in Conversation with CJ Shearn

Throughout the New York Jazz Workshop Podcast series I’ve had the privilege of speaking with some of the greatest players on the scene today about their new releases, and great jazz educators on their philosophies of teaching. Very rarely have I spoken to anyone in depth about the process of making a record,like I did with Giacomo Bruzzo, an Italian music lover who in 2008 co-founded RareNoise in London with Eraldo Bernocchi. Since then, the label has become one of the leaders of bringing jazz, free improvisation and any number of uncategorizeable projects to discerning open minded listeners. In a first for the podcast, the focus goes beyond jazz, but Bruzzo’s thoughts on his label, music and process were so interesting I included the bulk of our conversation. We spoke about the recent Merzbow/Keiji Haino/Balazs Pandi release An Untroublesome Defencelessness and the forthcoming release by producer Gaudi, boldly resculpting music from the RareNoise catalog due in the Spring of 2017, but an EP was released in June available digitally, and on limited edition 10″ white vinyl.

Thanks go to Giacomo Bruzzo for his time and Antje Hubner of Hubtone PR for setting up the interview. For more information, please check out