Summer Jazz Series

Study jazz music in New York City, the jazz capital of the world! See for yourself how the New York Jazz Workshop has provided the highest quality summer intensive programs and jazz camps since 2008.

Jazz Improvisation Workshop In ITALY – June 3 to June 9, 2018
The Jazz Improvisation Workshop In ITALY program combines a week of rigorous jazz studies with an exploration of the foods, wines and sights that Italy has to offer. Jazz Improvisation Workshop in Italy participants will be hosted in the “Agriturismo La Pineta” a working Farm/ Vineyard located in the hart of Tuscany. Owned by the family of New York Jazz Workshop co-founder Marco Chelo. Bring your family, bring your friends, there is plenty to do for […]
New York Jazz Workshop Summer Intensives – General Information
Welcome to the New York Jazz Workshop 10th anniversary Jazz Summer Intensive. Since 2008 the New York Jazz Workshop has been providing excellence in Jazz education. If you are a musician and/or a singer looking to improve your musicianship, this is the right place. The New York Jazz Workshop’s 10th Jazz Intensive Summer series is going to be an incredible experience for both participants and teachers alike. Our program has been built on the wealth of knowledge that […]
Brazilian Jazz Workshop
Brazilian Music – Summer Jazz Workshop JULY 19-22
Get hip to the sound and rhythms of Brazil. In this workshop, we will explore a variety of Brazilians styles, such as Bossa Nova, Samba, Choro, Baião, Partido Alto and much more
Djembe/West African Rhythm Intensive JULY 23
Explore new rhythms! In this 1-day intensive, students will proceed to learn various West African rhythms and how to play the Djembe, Dun Dun Sangban and Kenkeni.
West African Grooves for All Instruments JULY 24
About West African Grooves Explore new rhythms and melodies in this special 1-day intensive Yacouba Sissoko! This is a hands-on workshop with each participant taking an in-depth look at West African folk music, learning different melodic and rhythmic patterns and experiencing how they all fit together. This program is open to all instrumentalists of all levels. Dates: July 24th All sessions will be held from 11am to 5pm at our main space around the corner of […]
Bata Drumming Intensive JULY 25
About the Bata Drumming Intensive Explore new rhythms in this special 1-day intensive! This program is open to beginner, intermediate, and advanced musicians. Dates: July 25th All sessions will be held from 11am to 5pm at our main space around the corner of Times Square. More detailed outline and information on the schedule will follow. TOPICS The focus of the class will be learning Afro Cuban Bata drumming, *but would also be beneficial for anyone who has […]
Piano & Keyboard Workshop in New york
Piano / Keyboard Intensive – Summer Jazz Workshop JULY 30-AUG 1
We are very excited to introduce our three-day Piano – Keyboard Intensive as part of our Summer Jazz Intensive Workshop series.  About the Piano / Keyboard Intensive Program Immerse yourself in this special three-day summer intensive taught by three extraordinary pianists: Frank Kimbrough, Amina Figarova, and Jacob Sacks. Each day will be led by a different faculty member offering their unique perspective on comping, soloing, technique, and much more. Syllabus to be posted soon. Topics: -Ear […]
Vocal Jazz, Jocelyn Medina, New York
Vocal Intensive Intermediate/Advanced- Summer Jazz Workshop AUGUST 6-8
We are very excited to introduce to you our three-day intensives as part of our Summer Jazz Intensive Workshops series.  About the Vocal Intensive Intermediate Program Designed for singers of intermediate level (with some previous performance experience and/or vocal and musical studies), participants learn the fundamentals of healthy, functional vocal technique and their specific applications when singing jazz and other contemporary and improvisational styles of music. Based on the principles of Jeannette LoVetri’s Somatic Voicework™, Jocelyn’s methods of vocal pedagogy […]
Vocal Jazz, Fay Victor, New York
Vocal Intensive Advanced – Summer Jazz Workshop AUGUST 9-12
Expand your voice. This summer vocal intensive is an opportunity for vocalists to improve their skills under the guidance of a true professional. About the Vocal Intensive Advanced Jazz Program The workshop is led by the multi-talented and accomplished, Fay Victor, who focuses on topics such as vocal styling, phrasing, ear training, rhythmic diversity, improvisation, vocal health, diction and more. Register today and find out why this summer jazz workshop is so popular and effective. […]
Clinic Guitar Intensive in New york
Guitar Intensive – Summer Jazz Workshop AUGUST 16-19
This summer clinic guitar intensive is led by two of the world’s leading jazz guitar voices. About The Clinic Guitar Program Vic Juris, who teaches at the New School, has recorded and collaborated with jazz legends and has authored several educational guitar books. Kenny Wessel has played with the Ornette Coleman band for over 10 years. He is part of the NYJW faculty and tours the world with various groups. Along with special guest, Marc […]
Jazz Music Composition – Summer Workshop AUGUST 20
Learn to write your own music at the Jazz Music Composition - Summer Workshop! In this exciting 1-day intensive, students will learn about the process of creating original jazz compositions.
Counterpoint – Summer Jazz Workshop AUGUST 21
About the Jazz Counterpoint Program Get introduced to the art form of counterpoint, the foundation for every aspiring composer. Counterpoint is a vehicle to get a deeper understanding of the basic composition principles. This one-day intensive is perfect for getting introduced to how to write 2, 3 and 4 part arrangements. Take advantage of this rare opportunity. Topics: -Two part writing -Listening sessions -Counterpoint exercises -From small group to four part -Part preparation -Range, Transposition, […]
Arranging Workshop, New York
Arranging Techniques – Summer Jazz Workshop AUGUST 22
About the Jazz Arranging Techniques Program This one-day intensive is perfect for learning about how to arrange compositions for jazz ensembles big and small! Students will study and create work using the essential techniques required for jazz arranging such as proper notation, melodic alteration, reharmonization, and orchestration from small group to mid-sized jazz ensemble. Basic principles for big band arranging will be addressed as well. The work of historically important jazz arrangers will be studied (via recordings […]
Jazz Improvisation – Summer Workshop AUGUST 23-26
Taught by Darius Jones and Vito Leszak, this intensive covers many different composition styles, as well as harmonic, melodic and rhythmic principles
Jazz Composition Intensive for Beginners – Summer Jazz Workshop AUGUST 30-31
About the Jazz Music Composition Program Learn to write your own music! In this exciting 2-day intensive, students will learn about the process of creating original jazz compositions. By analyzing works from the jazz repertoire, participants will gain new incites into the roles of melody, harmony, improvisation, and form within a variety of compositions. Students will walk away inspired and encouraged to apply these techniques to their own compositions. Emphasis will also be placed on the “writing process” and […]
New York Jazz Workshop Series
Jazz Intensivi Estate Workshop New York
Musicisti da tutto il mondo ogni anno vengono al “New York Jazz Workshop” per partecipare a corsi intensivi di Jazz con l’obbiettivo di migliorare il loro approccio jazzistico e conoscere altri musicisti. Sia che tu sia un principiante, sia che tu sia un professionista esperto, partecipando al New York Jazz Workshop avrai opportunità uniche per migliorare la tua musica e per sviluppare idee nuove ed interessanti. Ogni anno offriamo una serie di programmi intensivi della […]
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