The importance of listening… Milestones!

Hi everybody!

Last night we had Amy, a great flute player sitting in our Bebop Workshop class. Everybody immediately realized the importance of listening to the other musicians while playing and adjust the dynamics to everyone else is in the room playing music with you, in order to let them play comfortably. Due to the fact that the flute is a very delicate instrument, if the rhythm section and the saxophones were playing at their normal volume would have been impossible to hear her beautiful lines! I am glad we were receptive and sensitive about it and we were able to communicate well during all of the tunes we played and make it work.
After our performance at Small’s I brought some new tunes to work on, some pretty difficult like Milestones (the old version, not the modal one).
They are coming out and can’t wait to play them in our next gig!
Check out this great recording with Miles and Bird of both Milestones (Old) and Half Nelson. Masters at work!