This new, creative take on music notation software instruction will start from the beginning, covering the basics of note entry, selecting, copying, and editing music. For five Tuesdays students will proceed to learn how to create a jazz lead sheet with chord symbols and rhythmic notation, and how to properly format parts and scores of any size, from quintet to big band.

Major emphasis will be placed on using the software’s tools to creatively inspire the compositional process, using features as “Ideas” and “Versions” to avoid compositional “stalls” and to reduce playback dependency.  The class will conclude with a unit on composing to picture and exporting audio and MIDI to digital audio workstations for further processing and ultimately, recording.

Prerequisites are:
– Able to read and write music on a basic level
– A laptop with a (free trial) version of Sibelius is preferred. If you do not have a laptop let us know, then we can set it up for you or you can share a laptop with one of our students.

Tuesdays from 6 to 7pm:
Fee: $ 195.00 for five classes, plus a one time $45.00 registration fee (for new students).
Faculty: Doug Beavers
Location: New York Jazz Workshop
149 W 46th street, 2nd floor, between 6th and 7th ave.
NY, NY 10036 US


Week 1
Creating a new score
Note entry and editing
Selecting and copying music
Entering chord symbols
Basic Playback
Creating a Jazz lead sheet

Week 2
Scoring for a Jazz Ensemble
Clefs & Key Signatures
Editing text, dynamics, slurs and markings
Score Markup
Dynamic Parts
Page Layout and Formatting
Exporting to PDF
File Organization

Week 3
The dangers of Playback Dependency
Rhythmic and Drum Notation
The mixer and MIDI playback
MIDI note entry
Repeats, Codas, Endings

Week 4
Creative composition methods
Usage of the “Ideas” palate to avoid compositional “stalls”
How to acquire and nurture a creative “spark”
Using “Versions” to orchestrate the same piece for different ensembles

Week 5
Scoring Film and Video
Part formatting
Developing your own look and feel to your score
Student Score Review