Online Masterclass Series!

NYJW is delighted to present a new jazz masterclass series presented by members of the NYJW faculty and Star performers in the NYC Jazz Scene on a variety of topics.  Participation is live in our main space on 37th street with the option of online participation from the comfort of your home. The masterclasses will be streamed  on the New York Jazz Workshop Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

“Participating in a masterclass enables the student to get dee into the music without a long term commitment. Give yourself or a friend this gift and get into the zone of creativity and exploration.”


Registration for a masterclass

Registration: You can register at any time. Payment is due two weeks before the masterclass date.
Fee: $65
Date: A date will be determined as soon as a minimum of 10 registrations has been received for the masterclass. The date will be dependent on the availability of the artist AND participants.


Masterclass Topics to choose from


Theory & Improvisation, the ins and outs.
Chords, scales & Harmonic function, do I really need to know this??

Afro Cuban music
Is it true that there is nothing more fun than playing in a Clave??

The Rhythm Section
Ok, so what is the drummer actually doing and why should I know about it?

Brazilian music
Chords and rhythm, another level!

Rhythmic development for all instruments
Improv is 50% rhythm … at least … and all if you ask a drummer.

The art of the Drums
From Pappa Joe Jones to 2022

Rhythmic exploration on the Guitar
Ok, we are getting deep now:)

the Poetic Language of improvisation
It is not science, its an Art!

Vocal masterclass
If everybody would sing (in tune), the world would be perfect.

Harmolodics from Ornette Coleman
Get the info from who actually knows since he played with him for 15 years.


Past Masterclasses

Saturday, May 16, 11am – Mark Sherman
Skills for the Poetic Language of Jazz Improvisation

Saturday, May 23, 11am – Kenny Wessel
Ornette’s Music and Harmolodics

Saturday, May 30, 11am – Dave Ambrosio
Memorizing Jazz Melodies, Forms, & Language

Saturday, June 6, 11am – Marc Mommaas
Rhythmic Expansion for All Instruments

Saturday, June 13, 11am – Dave Scott

Saturday, June 20, 11am – Jospeh Lepore and Vito Leszcak

Saturday, June 27, 11am – Michelle Walker
Essential Ear Training for New Improvising Singers

Saturday, July 4, 11am – Sebastian Noelle