Setting the STAGE for vocal with FAY VICTOR:

This is a Jazz Vocal Workshop for intermediate to advanced singers who would like to improve their vocal skills with a true professional. Ben Ratliff of the New York Times calls Victor “artistically complete.” Fay Victor hypnotizes audiences, whether she sings a blues, sculpts a free piece, reinvents a Herbie Nichols tune through her own lyrics, or effortlessly scats over the harmonies of a jazz standard. She is a very sensible and talented teacher who focuses on subjects such as: Vocal Styling, Phrasing, Repertoire, Ear Training, Rhythmic Diversity, Improvisation, Fundamentals of Vocal Technique/Vocal Health, Diction, History, Charts, as well as other subjects. Find out why so many vocalists love going to this Jazz Vocal Workshop; Fay is truly inspiring. Intermediate and Advanced level.

NEWS: we are happy to inform you that we will have a special guest coming in on piano every other week.

TBD – THIS WORKSHOP IS COMING TO BROOKLYN. More information with follow shortly.(2hours)
See calendar for dates

Fee: $ 195.00 every four classes, plus a one time $45.00 registration fee.
Faculty: Fay Victor
Location: New York Jazz Workshop
coming to BROOKLYN soon!

Special Scholarship Opportunities for Students 26 and Younger
If you are a student between 17 and 26 years old, you could qualify to a 50% discount to any of our workshops. Please contact us for more information.