Music For Black Pigeons

Music For Black Pigeons

The documentary film “Music for Black Pigeons” directed by Jørgen Leth and Andreas Koefoed has recently released its trailer, and premiered at the Out of Competition section of the Venice Film Festival with great reviews. The film delves into the lives and creative processes of some of the most influential jazz musicians in the world, such as Jakob Bro, Bill Frisell, Lee Konitz, Paul Motian, and Midori Takada.

Jørgen Leth, directed over 40 films including “A Sunday in Hell” and “The Perfect Human”, returns to the Venice Film Festival after his feature documentary “The Five Obstructions” screened there in 2003. Meanwhile, Andreas Koefoed is known for directing “The Lost Leonardo.”

Filmed over the course of 14 years in various locations such as North America, Europe, and Japan, the documentary captures intimate, improvised moments between pioneers of experimental music at recording spaces in New York, Copenhagen, and Lugano. The film includes brief portraits of the participating musicians, such as jazz saxophonist Mark Turner, double bassist Thomas Morgan, jazz drummers Joey Baron and Andrew Cyrille, and trumpet player Palle Mikkelborg

Featuring some of the last recorded performances of several musicians who passed away during the course of filming, including Lee Konitz, Jon Christensen, and Paul Motian, the documentary also showcases ECM Records’ prolific founder Manfred Eicher.

According to Leth, the most important thing was to follow the process of the music’s development and capture the spontaneous moments. He emphasized the importance of paying attention to the characters and what they say to each other, allowing the film to showcase how single words can evolve into whole sentences and meanings.

Overall, “Music for Black Pigeons” promises to be a poignant tribute to some of the most influential jazz musicians of our time, and an exploration of the genre’s creative process.

The musicians featured in the documentary have made significant contributions to the jazz scene. Jakob Bro, a Danish guitarist and composer, has released critically acclaimed albums and collaborated with artists such as Bill Frisell and Lee Konitz. Bill Frisell, an American guitarist, has collaborated with musicians across various genres and is a prominent figure in the jazz scene.

Lee Konitz, a legendary alto saxophonist, was known for his unique sound and improvisational style. His career spanned over seven decades, during which he collaborated with artists such as Miles Davis and Charlie Haden. Paul Motian, a drummer and composer, made significant contributions to the jazz genre and worked with the Bill Evans Trio.

Midori Takada, a Japanese composer and percussionist, has released several acclaimed albums, including “Through The Looking Glass.” Mark Turner, an American saxophonist, has released numerous albums as a leader and has collaborated with musicians such as Billy Hart and Ethan Iverson.

Thomas Morgan, a double bassist, has worked with many prominent jazz musicians, including Bill Frisell and Paul Motian. Joey Baron and Andrew Cyrille, both jazz drummers, have collaborated with numerous musicians and released several acclaimed albums as leaders. Palle Mikkelborg, a Danish trumpeter and composer, has released several albums and worked with artists such as Gil Evans and Miles Davis.

Although several of these musicians have passed away, including Lee Konitz, Jon Christensen, and Paul Motian, their legacies continue to inspire and influence musicians and listeners alike. Their contributions to the jazz genre are a testament to the power and beauty of jazz music.

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