From NEW ORLEANS to SWING, the Early Jazz Workshop

With Rob Garcia
In this workshop called “From NEW ORLEANS to SWING” we will focus on the jazz language and styles that developed from the beginnings of jazz in New Orleans through the swing era. Music by artists such as Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington and Lester Young among others will be our teachers. This music goes hand in hand with dancing so developing the ability to swing is a top priority. We will also focus on phrasing melodies, roles of each instrument, counterpoint, spontaneous arranging and the pure joy of the music. In addition, the demand for traditional jazz bands has risen in recent years due to the explosion of interest in Lindy Hop swing dancing world-wide. We will also address the relationship between the dancers and the band.

Participants of the Early Jazz Workshop should be comfortable playing their instrument or singing, the ability to read music is recommended. Therefore the only other requirement for the class is that you come eager to learn and to grow as a musician. Sign up for a trial class today.
Beginner to Intermediate level.


Every Thursday at 6:30 pm EST (1.5 hours)
Fee: $245 per 4 sessions, or enroll by trimester for discounted rates

When: 1pm US EST
Central European Standard Time: 7pm
Greenwich Mean Time: 6pm (UK)
Eastern European Standard Time: 8pm
Moscow Standard Time: 9pm
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When: 8am US EST
Japan standard time: 9pm
China standard time: 8pm
Singapore standard time: 8pm
India standard time: 6pm
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This is an interactive experience:
– Get your instrument out and get ready to play.
– You will receive materials in the form of pdf’s, mp3’s, you-tube links etc.
– This includes weekly assignments in balance with your level and the theme of the workshop.
Live streaming offers many benefits. It is an enriching positive communal learning experience. Our faculty is top notch and experienced in the flow of online learning.

We use Zoom as our streaming program which is free for students to download, shared google docs and email for pdf transfers, shared screen/computer audio for youtube links, irealpro (optional) and mp3’s. Are you not sure if your equipment setup is sufficient? If so, let us help you to ensure that you will be ready to participate.

For new students, if you are not sure and would like to try it out a session, ask for our trial class option ($20).


“All of my concerns about having class online were laid to rest once the zoom session with Marc Mommaas started up. All four of us in class could see and hear each other well. Marc provided numerous charts on-screen for us to work with, and we had a metronome and an on-screen backing/practice track that was both visible and easy to hear for extra support. It was as close to having an in-person class as I could imagine. “ – Matt Craddock

“I just had my first video lesson with NYJW on mixed meters. It was the highlight of my week. While I’ve been occupied with how to stock up on supplies and worried dearly about my loved ones, I was able to take an hour and engage with my love of music, engage with an outstanding and passionate teacher, and meet a great musician in Japan. I’m learning, engaged remotely with my community, and – in a very real sense – expanding my world. Therefore, I cannot recommend virtual music lessons enough. Marc was able to hear my playing clearly and critique my articulation/time. I was introduced to new ideas and given grounding for this new phase in life. Most importantly, the audio and video quality was good. In addition, the latency was low enough that I was able to play along with Marc during the example exercises and follow him. For me this was critical in being able to bridge the gap and bring the lesson to life. I strongly encourage anyone to try it out!!” – John Dalto

“I did not realize how much fun it could be to join the online program at the NYJW. My classmate where all online with the instruments and the instructor had charts, a metronome and backing tracks on hand. I learned a lot in just one session!” – MC

“A lesson via zoom was seamless! I was surprised how easy it was to share the material online, play along together w iReal Pro as an ensemble. I walked away with plenty of material to work on – this is a really worthwhile experience” – James Kibbe

AT OUR LOCATION / POSTPONED until further notice due to the COVID-19 virus

The New Orleans and Early Jazz Workshop – Every Thursday at 6:30pm (2 hours)
Date: Ongoing
Fee: $ 210.00 every four classes, plus a one time $45.00 registration fee.
Faculty: Rob Garcia
Location: Brooklyn, Ditmas Park.