Trombone Lessons

Enroll in trombone lessons at New York Jazz Workshop (NYJW) and immerse yourself in a comprehensive educational program. Collaborate with some of New York City’s finest trombonists and educators. Our flexible class schedules, including both in person and  Skype, Facetime and Zoom sessions, ensure that top-notch education is accessible to everyone, regardless of location within New York City or beyond. Our music school boasts exceptional trombone teachers who are not only skilled educators but also accomplished musicians with a deep understanding of jazz and classical music.

The NYJW trombone curriculum is meticulously designed to encompass all essential aspects of mastering this versatile instrument. Students will focus on enhancing sight-reading skills, achieving precise intonation, refining technique, and developing a rich sound, among other skills. Tailored to a wide range of learners—from beginners starting their musical journey to seasoned performers looking to broaden their abilities—our lessons are fulfilling and customized to suit children, teens, and adults, whether conducted in-person or online.

We adopt a holistic approach to trombone instruction, emphasizing both the expressive and technical facets of the instrument. Students will explore various dimensions of trombone performance, including solo and ensemble pieces, which are vital for a well-rounded musical education. For those interested in jazz, our lessons delve into improvisation, helping students discover their unique trombone voice.

Recognizing that mastery of the trombone requires consistent practice, our music school provides practice rooms where students can work on long tones and other techniques. For added convenience, online courses enable students to attend lessons and practice from home.

Our program also offers specialized training for bass trombone players, focusing on the repertoire and techniques specific to this lower-pitched variant, enhancing their versatility.

The trombone lessons at New York Jazz Workshop offer an exceptional learning experience, whether your goal is to become a professional trombonist, advance your skills for enjoyment, or provide your child with a comprehensive musical education. Join our vibrant community, dedicated to the art of trombone and passionate about music. Whether you’re registering online, in person, joining a band, or exploring trombone solo, NYJW is the perfect place to start your musical journey.


Advantages of taking private Trombone Lessons at the New York Jazz Workshop:

Simple & Convenient – We take the hassle out of booking your trombone lessons by recommending the perfect instructor and handling all the scheduling, booking and billing.
Professional Instructors – Our trombone teachers are selected by our board of directors and are among the best in the business.
The New York Jazz Workshop Guarantee – If for any reason you’re not satisfied after your first trombone lesson, we’ll help you find another trombone instructor at no additional cost.
How It Works – From finding your ideal trombone instructor to managing payments, The New York Jazz Workshop takes care of all the details, so you focus on enjoying your music lessons.

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