Preparing for Smalls

On Saturday the students came back after a two week hiatus for the holidays. We started playing over F blues […]

Bebop workshop January 3rd 2012

In this first class of 2012 we focused on a nice arrangement of Night in Tunisia by Dizzy Gillespie and […]

Dolphin Dance

This  week the Bebop Workshop worked on an arrangement of Dolphin Dance that will be played at Small’s, we spent […]

Dec 20, ii V sequence.

We warmed up with two and three whole note interval eartraining, equivelant to major 3rds and sharp 4ths. From there […]

Dec 20, Two’s and Three’s

We had a very intensive class, working mostly on original material written by the students: a tune in 7/4, quarter […]

Arrangement on all Blues

Yesterday in the Standards Class the students came up with an arrangement on “All Blues.” It was great to hear all […]

Quasimodo & Serpent’s Tooth

At our session yesterday we had a new drummer Eric Puente, and Mathew Mayers on saxophone along with the rest. […]

The First Session

Mark Sherman and David In the first session we worked on Quasimodo by Charlie Parker, which is one of my […]

Dec 13 workshop

We started with major and minor thirds, with special attention to descending from the third to the root. This was […]

Dec. 13 workshop.

Another great class. We worked on 4:3, and payed special attention to always feeling the sixteenth as an undercurrent. From […]

Rhythmic sequences

Dec.6, 2012 class

Another great class with the cats. We worked on the ride/bass relationship, explored a couple of originals written by the […]