Quasimodo & Serpent’s Tooth

At our session yesterday we had a new drummer Eric Puente, and Mathew Mayers on saxophone along with the rest. We played Charlie Parker’s Quasimodo playing the head many times to really try to get a handle on it.  Of […]

The First Session

Mark Sherman and David In the first session we worked on Quasimodo by Charlie Parker, which is one of my favorite lines. We discussed how Bird used to take well known standards like Indiana and use the form and changes […]

Dec 13 workshop

We started with major and minor thirds, with special attention to descending from the third to the root. This was followed by sightsinging over a ii V I progression with emphasis on the melody-chord relationship. After this we put it […]

Dec. 13 workshop.

Another great class. We worked on 4:3, and payed special attention to always feeling the sixteenth as an undercurrent. From there we moved on to a metric modulation exercise, quarter note triplets equals quarter notes and back, dotted quarternotes equals […]

Dec.6, 2012 class

Another great class with the cats. We worked on the ride/bass relationship, explored a couple of originals written by the students and worked on a tune by Miles Okazaki who will do a Masterclass on January 31. His piece is […]

Workshop Dec 6

Great class today, the ears are getting sharper. Students are getting better in defining half-steps. Next week we are moving on to ii V I sightsinging, and playing the progression on instruments. We have also checked out “The Real McCoy”, a […]

Preparing for Smalls

This week before the holidays the Bebop Workshop is working on the repertoire that will be performed at Smalls next month. So we are playing some arrangents of famous jazz tunes of the Bebop era, trying to keep the interplay as spontaneous […]


Welcome to the New York Jazz Workshop’s Vocal Class lead by Fay Victor.

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