Marc Mommaas’ “Irreversible Momentum” by CJ Shearn

Marc Mommaas is a multifaceted saxophonist, and jazz educator who is free of boundaries; freedom is the very essence of […]

Bud Powell

The shift from swing to bebop was heavily changing the jazz landscape, the music ceased popularity with a mainstream audience. […]

Alexander Technique for Musicians

Have you ever heard of the Alexander Technique? Maybe a colleague took a class while studying music at a university, […]

Talking about “Kin” (<-->) with Pat Metheny: by CJ Shearn

Pat Metheny has been one of the greatest musicians in jazz or any other genre over the past 30 plus […]

Miles Davis 50 Years Ago : My Funny Valentine

A little appreciation of February 12th, and not just because it’s Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. On that date in 1964, Miles […]

Teddy Wilson

A seminal figure in the swing to bop movement, Teddy Wilson is known for his lightly swinging, effervescent style; a […]

Miles Davis: Part III

Between 1973 and 1975, Davis was exploring more directions in which he was trying to bring music back to black […]

Miles Davis: Part II

By September 1964, the final piece in what would be known as the “Second Great Quintet” was now in place: […]

New York Jazz Workshop Open House

New York Jazz Workshop Open House Foster your passions and hone in your skills in the world capital of jazz […]

Hank Mobley

When many think about the prototypical hard bop tenor, Hank Mobley automatically fits the bill. Known as the “middleweight champion” […]

Miles Davis: Part I

The name Miles Davis is synonymous in jazz. Not only one of the most important figures of American music in […]

What are the elements of Jazz?

What are the elements of Jazz? Jazz is a music with many different elements, and styles. As previously discussed in What […]