What are the effects of jazz music on the brain?

Jazz music’s effects on the brain are vast.  Studies conducted with general listeners in mind showed that listening to the […]

What are some accessible styles of jazz?

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Africa’s impact on jazz

Africa’s impact on jazz has been huge.  Despite the form having a short history of one hundred years, a lot […]

A brief profile of the great Wes Montgomery (1925-1968)

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What qualifies as a jazz festival?

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A quick look at the the great bassist Jaco Pastorius

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Not So Standard Methodology: Brian Kastan in Conversation with CJ Shearn

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Manifesto Of A Bad Hombre: Antonio Sanchez In Conversation with CJ Shearn

AntonioSanchezpodcast Welcome to the latest edition of the New York Jazz Workshop podcast ladies and gentleman, I’m your host CJ […]

Strykin’ Ahead: Dave Stryker In Conversation with CJ Shearn

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An Appreciation of the Pat Metheny Group’s “Still Life (Talking)” Thirty years on by CJ Shearn

Pat Metheny: acoustic and electric guitars, guitar synthesizers; Lyle Mays: piano, keyboards; Steve Rodby: acoustic and electric basses; Paul Wertico: […]

Adam Rudolph in Conversation with CJ Shearn

Percussionist Adam Rudolph has been called a “pioneer of world music” by the New York Times and rightly so, for […]

Divinity Roxx in Conversation with CJ Shearn

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