Billy Eckstine

Billy Eckstine was one of the most important male vocalists in Jazz during the 1940’s being as popular as Frank Sinatra, the most significant vocalist of the era. Eckstine also pioneered big band bebop. Eckstine was born July 8th, 1914 […]

Gene Krupa

Gene Krupa with his drive and showmanship made him a favorite of many listeners. His work on Benny Goodman’s “Sing Sing Sing” from 1934 is iconic. Krupa was also an innovator in drum gear, and these innovations affected drummers in […]

Pat Metheny

Pat Metheny is one of Jazz’s most influential guitar players of the past 40 years. His tone, innovative use of technology and fearlessness of genres, are well known and make him both controversial, and a favorite of many. Born in […]

Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald is rightly one of the iconic female American Jazz vocalists. She combined lightness, creativity with interpretation, and hornlike improvisational acumen that thrilled audiences for decades. Her ability to appeal to mainstream audiences and Jazz audience was a plus […]

Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday was an American icon and one of Jazz’s most important vocalists. Her life was filled with struggle and hardship, and not surprisingly, a Hollywood movie Lady Sings The Blues (1972) was made on her life. Born Eleanora Fagan […]

Kenny Burrell

Kenny Burrell, without question is one of the most consistent guitarists in Jazz. Nicknamed the “Velvet Whip”, his warm tone carresses on ballads, and can also really dig down on blues and uptempo material. Born on July 31st, 1931 in […]

Joe Henderson

Joe Henderson

Joe Henderson was one of the most individual tenor players of his generation. As so often happens with many Jazz musicians, Henderson was unfortunately underrated, and after a series of outstanding records for Blue Note, Henderson began a decade long […]

Crossing the Free Improvisation Bridge

Last night at the Jazz Vocal Workshop we ended up Crossing the Free Improvisation Bridge. What I mean by this, is that we took part in a free improvisation exercise that turned out to be not only lots of fun, but […]


Thelonious Monk

Rhythm-a-ning – We’re playing this Monk rhythm-change-based tune in the bebop workshop (which is a little weird because Monk did not like bebop and he favored tenorists who would not place standard bebop language over his changes, as Coltrane and […]

Ray’s Idea & Nefertiti


Hi! Last Tuesday we worked on a bunch of new tunes at the Bebop Workshop namely Ray’s Idea & Nefertiti. Ray’s Idea was written by the great Ray Brown. I believe it’s a great melody that really needs work in […]

Jazz Vocal Workshop had the Blues!

Dinah Washington

Wow, last Thursday’s workshop was just too much fun! After the first session, I decided that each session we’d focs o one specific thing: talk about, do an exercise and play with it. After a good stretch and warm-up, we […]

Whisper Not – Benny Golson

Whisper Not Benny Golson

Whisper Not – Benny GolsonIn addition to playing Ray’s Idea in the Bebop Workshop, we also played the Benny Golson tune Whisper Not. Instead of descending by fifths, the harmony in the A section goes up by fifths every three […]


Stan Gets and Astrud Gilberto

Meditation, not transcendental, but bossa nova. Taking a break from a heavy dose of classic bebop tunes, our bebop workshop started working on Jobin’s Meditation. Curious about the harmony, which begins: | C6 | C6 | B7sus4 | B7 | […]