Jazz Vocal Workshop back up and running…

I had a sweet time on the road in March and so great to return to running the The Jazz Vocal Workshop every other Thursday for the New York Jazz Workshop. This new session of the workshop got underway with […]

Hal Galper

There are portions of various Hal Galper masterclasses on Youtube in which he discusses various aspects of jazz improvisation. I found them very instructive, and thought you might, too. Don’t be misled by the titles, his lessons are equally valuable […]

Rhythm Changes

Want to understand rhythm changes and some useful advice, with examples, about how to improvise on them? Check this out. Also, Kurt Rosenwinkel has a post on his website (here) on rhythm changes with some excellent embedded YouTube performances and […]


Today our warm up was in the Mingus blues composition called” Noddin Your Head Blues.” It’s a slow blues using the triplet’s as a base to feel the eighth notes. We checked out playing over and emphasizing the diminished chord […]

Duke Ellington

When I showed up to class we had a violinists and a new pianist. The pianist Bob told us he has delivered 2,000 babies and is retired and just wants to play jazz piano. He fit into the group very […]

Interview on Critical Jazz website.

Hi! I wanna share with you an interview that I had with journalist Brent Black from Critical Jazz. I think it can be helpful since I touch some subjects we also discuss in class about creativity and improvisation. Check it […]

I’ll Remember April

There’s a good discussion about chord subs on this tune on website all about jazz, including this contrefact  (new melody) by Miles on A section. Playing Gm+5 in bars 5 and 7 is worth exploring. I’ll send out a pdf […]

new tunes

Back to some warmups involving the modes in major and scoped out the locrian natural 2, 6th mode of melodic minor. And we are learning the head of mingus classic reincarnation of a lovebird, an absolute masterpiece. Next is Reflections […]


Today we worked mostly on originals. Two tunes of Clement, one in 5/4 and one with a cycle of 3/4 4/4 3/4 5/4 plus a metric modulation. We also checked out T-leaf by Chris, a great melody. Next week back […]

My Foolish Heart

What does My Foolish Heart have in Blue Moon and Heart and Soul, and with many hits from the 1950’s such as Silhouettes on the Shade, Teen Angel, All I Have to Do Is Dream, Duke of Earl, Earth Angel, […]

More Airegin

Here’s a transcription of Grant Green’s solo on Airegin. And Craig Buhler dedicates a post on his website to a nice lick from Sonny Rollins’ solo on Aeiregin that can be used on any V7-Im, here.

Just friends in the West Coast?

In our last class we welcomed Shri who plays bass and sat in with us. There was an immediate connection with him and the students. We worked on Just Friends in the key of G. Shri had played it in […]

Anthropology, line 14

Check out this now-classic phrase from Parker’s Anthropology solo (line 14, Omnibook transcription), here, in all keys and with a play-along. Listen to the entire solo, here.