Jimmy Smith

Jazz organ never received the seismic shift it did before Jimmy Smith entered the scene.  Born  on December 8, 1925 […]

Benny Goodman

Benny Goodman is one of swing’s most famous exponents. The rise to mass popularity, and his racially integrated bands are […]

Tony Williams

Very seldom in Jazz history have come musicians that singlehandedly change the course of the way their instruments are approached […]

Roy Eldridge

Explosive, boisterous, competitive,  words that describe trumpeter Roy Eldridge.  Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Eldridge was one of the most important […]

Count Basie

Through a six and half decade career William “Count” Basie exemplified the swing style in a powerful manner.  His bands […]

Harry James

Trumpeter Harry James was very popular with his mainstream sound.  James was born in Albany, Georgia and began his career […]

Art Tatum

“God is in the house tonight” were the famous words uttered by pianist/composer extraordinaire Fats Waller on Art Tatum.  In […]

Minority Arrangement

Marc Mommaas arrangement of Gigi Gryce’s Minority, written for the students of the theory and improvisation workshop. The arrangement includes […]

John Coltrane

John William Coltrane spent a career of searching and scaling new heights, with thrilling highs, and some things that leave […]

Coleman Hawkins

When discussing artists at the forefront of their fields and then embracing change, naturally adapting with their own voices names […]

Louis Armstrong

Throughout the history of Jazz, perhaps it can be said there is no more influential figure than Louis Armstrong. From […]

Stanley Turrentine

Stanley Turrentine was one of the big toned tenors in the tradition of Illinois Jacquet and Gene Ammons. His sumptuous […]