Last Vocal Workshop for the second Session

A little late to blogging about last weeks workshop this week after a busy week of teaching and performances.  Last Thursday was the 4th session and we closed to with a bang! after a relaxing then buoyant stretch and warm up we got talked […]


MONDAY MAY 7TH BEBOP/POST BOP COMBO MARK SHERMAN I was the drummer for combo yesterday but of course it does not hold the combo back. We had Vinnie on bass, a newcomer, our other normal diligent players. Dave, Rob, and […]

Intermediate Jazz Improvisation

I recently began reading Intermediate Jazz Improvisation (George Bouchard, Jamey Aebersold Jazz) and came across this paragraph which resonated with what Andrea has been working on with us in the class. So I thought others might find it helpful, too: “Maintaining […]

Bird’s Anthropology Solo

There’s a nice analysis of Bird’s solo on Anthropology on Peter Spitzer’s blog, which includes a link to Bird’s solo Youtube. You’ll want to follow along with the transcription in the Omnibook, which Spitzer’s analysis refers to.

Vocal Harmonies Sung by Ear

W O W !!! As much as I love teaching and as much fun as well as learning we have in the Jazz Vocal Workshop, this last session was inspiring, spellbinding and loads of challenging fun!  We talked about harmony – […]


The group is starting to sound like a band. We played the best variation of Minority so far, by heart, no music in front of anybody. And Reincarnation of a lovebird is coming along. Reflections of Monk is on the […]

little update

We had a fantastic class, and all the students are making great progress. Today we worked on a new tune of Craig including a 3:4  arrangment for the whole ensemble. It it working out great. And we focused on quintuplets […]

Along Came Betty, Stablemates & Beatrice

Today is my first sub for Mark Sherman (he’s on tour in Europe), has been a pleasure to work and play with these advanced musicians! We played a bunch of very difficult tunes such as Stablemates and Along Came Betty […]

26-2, After You’ve Gone, Star Eyes,

The last month has been a productive one in the combo. We have had a variety of different chairs not showing up for work reasons or personal reasons, but the good part has been that if the piano player does […]

Jazz Vocal Workshop back up and running…

I had a sweet time on the road in March and so great to return to running the The Jazz Vocal Workshop every other Thursday for the New York Jazz Workshop. This new session of the workshop got underway with […]

Hal Galper

There are portions of various Hal Galper masterclasses on Youtube in which he discusses various aspects of jazz improvisation. I found them very instructive, and thought you might, too. Don’t be misled by the titles, his lessons are equally valuable […]

Rhythm Changes

Want to understand rhythm changes and some useful advice, with examples, about how to improvise on them? Check this out. Also, Kurt Rosenwinkel has a post on his website (here) on rhythm changes with some excellent embedded YouTube performances and […]