Jazz career opportunities for students with a degree

Jazz career opportunities for students with  degrees are exciting.  Every year students  spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on jazz […]

A Bridge To The Present: A Conversation with Lenny White

  Lenny White (b. December 19, 1949, Jamaica Queens, NY) is simply living history.  The drummer has played and collaborated […]

A Conversation with Vanderlei Pereira

Want to know about Brazilian jazz? New York Jazz Workshop faculty member Vanderlei Pereira is a mestre (Portuguese for master). […]

Who are some women in jazz?

On this episode of the New York Jazz Workshop Podcast  the topic is women in jazz.  Who are some women […]

Jazz as a medium for social and political change

Jazz has been a catalyst for political and social change throughout it’s entire history. The music of John Coltrane, Miles […]

Experience is the best teacher: A few questions with Giacomo Gates

Giacomo Gates, and his velvety toned baritone voice will grace the New York Jazz Workshop teaching a masterclass on May […]

Passionate about the art of vocalese? A brief profile of maestro Giacomo Gates

In the crowded landscape of jazz vocals, there are few like Giacomo Gates. Hailing from Bridgeport Connecticut, and later moving […]

Celebrating the brilliance of bassist Paul Chambers (1935-1969)

April 22nd would have marked the 83rd birthday of the legendary bassist Paul Chambers.  Jazz  bassists’ role in jazz had […]

What are the effects of jazz music on the brain?

Jazz music’s effects on the brain are vast.  Studies conducted with general listeners in mind showed that listening to the […]

What are some accessible styles of jazz?

Jazz has gone through many developments over the past 100 years, and the music is still developing.  In the period […]

Africa’s impact on jazz

Africa’s impact on jazz has been huge.  Despite the form having a short history of one hundred years, a lot […]

A brief profile of the great Wes Montgomery (1925-1968)

Fifty years ago  in 1968 the world lost Wes Montgomery.  His playing and revolutionary ideas are ingrained into the fabric […]