What are the effects of jazz music on the brain?

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Jazz music’s effects on the brain are vast.  Studies conducted with general listeners in mind showed that listening to the music releases chemicals in the brain that regulate mood.  For musicians the act of creation triggers different areas that enhance […]

What are some accessible styles of jazz?

Jazz has gone through many developments over the past 100 years, and the music is still developing.  In the period of 1945-1960 alone, a brief fifteen years saw the development of bop, cool jazz, hard bop and the avant garde.  […]

Africa’s impact on jazz

Africa’s impact on jazz has been huge.  Despite the form having a short history of one hundred years, a lot of ground is covered. One of the biggest aspects also touched on in the New York Jazz Workshop blog post: All […]

What qualifies as a jazz festival?


Jazz is a fairly fluid term these days, characterizing music that centers around improvisation as a key element.  Many people have different definitions of jazz, and for those who frequent jazz festivals who are casual music goers, it is confusing […]

Adam Rudolph in Conversation with CJ Shearn

Percussionist Adam Rudolph has been called a “pioneer of world music” by the New York Times and rightly so, for the Chicago native has thrived in a variety of musical situations. In 1977 while living in Ghana he formed the […]